8 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Longboard

How to buy an electric longboard

Today almost everyone owns or wants to own an electric longboard. It might be for fun or for commute purposes. Whatever the reason, if you are thinking about purchasing your first e longboard, there are a few things that you must understand in order to make an informed choice.


The following are 8 things you should know before buying an electric longboard.


1.Importance of Range.

If you are thinking of buying an electric longboard, one of the factors you should put in mind is the range- the distance you need to cover. This will be determined by what you intend to use the longboard for. Is it for fun or you intend to use it for commute purposes?

Either way, you might need to cover long distances with it. Harvoo has you sorted. With a range capability of 12.5 miles and a top speed of 21.8mph, harvoo electric longboards will enable you to cover a longer distances at a very high speed hence reaching them in the shortest time. This speed also makes it an ideal tool to have fun with as you compete with your friends.



The battery is another important factor to consider before buying an electric longboard. The best electric longboard should have a good battery life and capacity. And battery capacity determines just how long you will use your longboard before it stops.

The battery in one way or the other also determines the speed of an electric longboard since it is the one that powers the electric motors.

Harvoo electric longboards have a battery that has a capacity of 5.8AH that comes sealed in a Panasonic lithium battery pack and stored in a sealed box. This battery is also easy to replace to allow you swap battery packs in minutes.


3.Acceleration and braking.

For lovers of acceleration, deceleration and instant breaking always consider an electric longboard that allows fast acceleration and has strong, sensitive and smooth brakes. This is vital when it comes to riding in places that have many obstacles.

Harvoo electric longboards cater exactly for this requirement. They have a wireless remote controller that is easy to operate.

This remote controller allows for acceleration and timely deceleration while at the same time giving you instantaneous smooth braking to avoid accidents and knocking things on your way.

 4.Mother controller.

Everyone needs an e longboard that runs more efficient and does not make much noise while surfing the streets. Longboards that produce noise are a nuisance to both the rider and other road users.

Harvoo Longboards have a mother controller that is made using a sinusoidal commutation(FOC) tech that makes them quieter. This is because unlike trapezoidal mode that has high current switching between phases, there is always no high current fast switching mode within FOC making it less quiet.

Also with the sinusoidal commutation when phases are electrically supplied with their needs on any rotor position, they usually run more efficient.


5.Method of remote connection.

The remote control used in controlling your preferred longboard should be sensitive enough to allow easy changing of direction, controlling speed and should be able to notify you of the level of battery power left.

This way, you can be able to estimate the distance you can cover before your battery power goes off. Equally, you can be assured of your safety when there is a need for an abrupt change of speed.

Harvoo's electronic longboard uses a remote connect method that uses Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth connection ensures more safety than 2.4G tech because it is not affected by other electronic radio waves, unlike 2.4G.

This reduces the chances of disconnection of your remote from the longboard. Devices that use 2.4G tech are more likely to cause accidents when you pass in areas that have strong radio waves.

Harvoo longboards also have a screen on their remote that displays the battery power level. This way you can control your speed well.



Before buying an electric longboard, ensure you go for one that is of high quality and is easy to maintain. Hub motor longboards have their motor inside the wheel.

As such, there is no need for maintenance by the owner. All you need to do is to clean the bearings of the motor once in a while to ensure that they stay in shape. The hub motors are also created in a such a way that the motor does not produce a lot of noise.

This makes them the most comfortable to ride in places where noise is a nuisance. All Harvoo board come with an electric longboard guide that will assist you in maintenance.


7.Warranty cover.

When you are purchasing an electric longboard you must ensure that it comes with a warranty. This is an important factor because it is an assurance that the longboard is of high quality.

Always check on what the warranty covers to be sure what repairs you can claim. Stay away from buying a motorized longboard that do not come with warranties. These are most likely to be of low quality.

Warranty service means that within the period of warranty, your longboard gets to be repaired for free in case of any faults and breakdowns. Harvoo longboards come with a warranty that covers a period of 6 months.


There are instances you might need to carry your longboard like when walking up the stairs. It is therefore important to go for a longboard that is portable and you can carry around.

You should ensure that you can put your longboard in a backpack to ensure easy storage. This is always an advantage to school going children who might have very little space in their classes to store their longboards. A harvoo longboard weighs 14.9pounds, making it very portable and can even be hanged on a coat hook or carried under the arm.


Even as you look for the best electric longboard using the criteria stated above, be sure to get what you want from the available harvoo longboards. These quality electric longboards will not only satisfy your taste and style but also give you the best performance ever.

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