Difference between Hub Motor Electric Skateboard and Belt Motor Electric Skateboard

Difference between Hub Motor Electric Skateboard and Belt Motor Electric Skateboard

Are you looking to buy an electric skateboard and wondering what's the best electric longboard? If yes, it’s important for you to know that the job of choosing the best one for you is not easy. Until 2015, the only option users had, was that of buying belt motor electric skateboard. However, the past couple of years have witnessed the emergence of hub motor electric skateboard. Below we have compared the two electric skateboard types to make the process of choosing a suitable unit easier for you.


belt electric skateboardbelt electric boardhub motor electric skateboard

                                    Belt electric skateboard                                            Hub motor electric skateboard


Hub Motor Electric Skateboard vs. Belt Motor Electric Skateboard


As the hub motor skateboards don’t have any belt and are integrated units, they work by sending direct power output to their wheels. This working procedure makes the hub motor driven systems more efficient than the belt-driven units. Low drags results in less friction, which in turn extends the battery life of the units and allows it to work more per charge. Reduced drag also allows the hub motor driven systems to offer a smoother ride than the belt driven units.

Maneuverability without power

Belt motors stop dead when they don’t have power. The hub powered skateboards, on the other hand, can be effortlessly pushed like normal boards even when they don’t have any power left. This means even when your hub driven system in out of power, you will not need to carry its weight.


In belt driven units, the pulley on the big wheel forced the small motor’s pulley to keep spinning. This leads to an inefficient braking. The hub motored units, in contrast, enables instantaneous braking. The wheels of a hub motor electric skateboard brake the moment its motor brakes.


We have already mentioned that the hub motor driven units have a more integrated and compact design than any belt motor electric skateboard. As a result, the hub-motored systems weigh significantly less compared to the belt systems. The belt units tend to be much heavier as they include several moving parts. Absence of parts like pulleys, belts, and mounts makes hubs much lighter.


belt motorhub motorhub motor VS belt motor

          Belt motor kit                                     Hub motor                                        Hub motor vs Belt motor


Design and maintenance

A hub motor electric skateboard doesn’t have parts like gears, clutches, pulleys, or motor mounts. This has provided those units with a much more attractive and simpler design. On the contrary, with so many moving parts, the belt motors seem to have a pretty clumsy appearance.

Maintaining the hub motors is also much easier and less costly. Unlike the belt driven units, you will not need to spend additional money for replacing the belt from time to time. In addition, hub motors also don’t have any brush that can wear down after regular use. Your hub motor driven skateboard should stay functional for decades.


Unlike the belt motor , a hub motor electric skateboard doesn’t come with too many moving parts. As a result, when units a hub motor driven system, you will not need to tolerate the typical humming sound of belt motors.


All top brands operating currently make belt driven like Boosted boards . However, as the hub motor units are new in the market, no leading brand has started to manufacture these units. However, that hasn’t been able to stop them from gaining popularity among users. 

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