What Electric Skateboard Should I Get

Electric skateboard is being used by more and more people,and the on sale motorized skateboards are dazzling and numerous.For people who are preparing to buy their first electric board,the most famous boards are boostedboards and evoleve skateboard are pretty familiar ,as well we the price both are above $1000.

Actually, a cost-effective electric remote skateboard is far more practical than a brand-name e skateboard for most person who have a budget under $1000.Please check out the charts below to find the top speed,range and price among these seven different model electric skateboard.

Different brands electric skatebaords prices

Different brands electric skateboard speed

Different brands electric skateboards range

 From above information,we found there is no too much difference among them except one or two special model.What's more.The performance of harvoo electric longboard is pretty attractive.

Anyway,the question of "what kinds of electric skateboard should  get" ,the finally purchasing is depend different budgets,aesthetic and preferences.


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