Electric Skateboard/Longboard vs. Normal Skateboard/Longboard

Electric SkateboardLongboard vs. Normal Skateboard/Longboard

Nowadays, skateboarding is becoming a popular activity among many people perhaps because skateboards are safer compared to hoverboards. It is now possible to find a cheap electric skateboard on the market which is portable and more versatile. If you dream of riding endlessly and having a lot of fun while at it, then you need to buy an electric longboard/skateboard. They are quite impressive and low cost and can go for long distances on a single charge.


                                                                                                   Electric longboard


Electric skateboards are an excellent invention that not only offer a lot of fun but are also an ingenious mode of transport. Although traditional skateboards are still practical for some people, electric boards offer a lot more fun. 


                                                                                                     Normal longboard



The modern electric skate board has improved in design but batteries still limit the design of modern electric skateboards. Electric longboards come with one, two or four driven wheels which are powered by separately mounted motors that are either connected with a toothed belt or have brushless wheel hub motors connected to the wheel. Belt driven motors are less discrete since they are noisier although they offer more torque. The speed of electric skateboards is determined by the power, size and number of battery cells. 


Most electric longboards are operated with a remote control with a throttle that can accelerate the rider forward and have a reverse and braking functionality that makes it safer compared to the normal longboard. While most people use electric skateboards primarily for transportation, others use them for sporting and cruising. Electric skateboards use Lithium-ion batteries which are affordable, smaller, lighter and offer a higher power output. But when there is no power, the hub motor electric skateboard can be used as a normal longboard. An electric skateboard can have a single motor or dual motors but the number of motors does not necessarily translate to more speed. In fact, powering dual motors consumes more power.


A typical electric skateboard has a maximum speed of about 25 to 40 km per hour.  This is one of of its main advantages especially when you need to get somewhere quickly. However, you will need to power the normal longboard with your legs which means it will be more difficult to increase your speed unlike the electric one where you can accelerate using a handheld remote control to the speed you need. Electric skateboards are a great alternative mode of transport since you can reach impressive speeds without pushing.


 Electric longboards cover longer distances compared to the normal longboards. With the electric models, you can cover a fair amount of distance although the only problem you may have is the battery running out which means you will have to power your skateboard using your feet. It is important to know how long your batteries will last. Travel with Harvoo remote longboard and cover 12.5 miles per charge. The traditional longboard involves a lot of pushing hence going uphill will make you sweat but you can effortlessly skateboard uphill especially with a dual motor longboard that is much stronger. 


Electric skateboards are much safer than the normal longboards since you have much control over the speed unlike traditional longboards where mastering how to control your speed can be difficult. Electric boards are safer and easier to use since they have brakes making them a lot more controllable and accessible to many people. But it is important to have a helmet, knee caps and elbow guards while skateboarding for extra safety.

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