Electric Skateboard Lithium Battery Pack Things You Should Know

Electric Skateboard Lithium Battery Pack Things You Should Know

We get to know the most important parts for electric skateboard are controller,motor and battery if google on internet.

The quality level of these three part determine the main performance of an electric board directly ,including Speed,Range,Riding Safety and more other performance .

Of course,board comfort and exterior design are also the integral factors in our purchasing of remote skateboard.And now I’d like to discussing the importance of batteries for the  remote skateboard.


The first generation of wireless electric board like Fiik’s Big daddy skateboard which using a lead-acid battery.The advantage of using lead-acid battery is working stable and safe,but the issues are that polluting the environment,bulky and heavy.

             Fiik electric skateboad Fiik electric skateboad battery cover Bigdaddy eletric skateboard lead-acid  battery

                       Fiik big daddy electric skateboard                             Fiik's lead-acid  battery

For electric personal vehicles where weight and portability are in the first place today,it is obvious that lead-acid batteries are no longer suitable for providing energy solution for the electric last mile tools.

It can be said that 99% of electric remote skateboards have been powered by lithium batteries,which are coming with light weight,small size and high energy density.

             Harvoo electric longboard Harvoo hub motor longboard kit Harvoo board

                                                      Harvoo lithium battery electric skateboard

However,since lithium battery is newer technologies,its solutions provided by several big companies such as Samsung,LG and Panasonic are much more safe and reliable.But the quality couldn’t be promised if using some unknown and small companies.

As for lithium iron phosphate,lithium cobalt or ternary lithium battery we don’t talk here today.


We’d like to discussing the consistency of the lithium battery cell ,which is difficult to guarantee for those unknown plants.


I must make it clear here,the lithium battery of motorized board we called battery pack,which is consists of lithium cells,BMS and other material.Normally,we inquiry if your board battery is Samsung/LG/Panasonic,meaning the lithium battery pack’s cell.And the battery pack is produced by packing company. 

              lithium cells                lithium battery pack

                              Lithium cells                                                  Lithium battery packs

E board’s battery pack is assembled from different quantity lithium cell which are through parallel and in series.

The consistency of the lithium cells is the key point for the quality of electric board  battery pack.Like a barrel of water,how much water a bucket can hold depends entirely on the shortest plate.


Lithium battery pack is the same,the voltage of one lithium cell from battery pack drop lead to the overall voltage of battery pack down.And the original 4 hours to fully charged and then cover 20km range,now 2 hours to full and the trip into a 10km.


Due to the different position the lithium cell in the whole lithium battery pack,the damaging of battery voltage(capacity) and range is different.


But you can be sure that the battery life will certainly be weakened,what’s more,you can not recharge your board again and need to replace new electric board lithium battery pack if have serious situation.


Another one very important part for the lithium battery pack is BMS(Battery Management System).The mission of BMS is to prevent lithium battery pack of electric board to be overcharged and over discharged.

 lithium battery BMS electric skateboard lithium battery pack BMS  eletric longboard lithium battery pack BMS

                                Different electric skateboard lithium battery pack BMS

Electric board’s lithium battery pack would occur irreversible damaging if not be prevented when the voltage (capacity) the battery pack lower than the default level.


While overcharging is to prevent the battery from charging after full charged.Just like pouring water into the bottle,water will flow out if we don’t stop after it’s full.

And the difference if the result ,there is a risk of explosion if the electric skateboard lithium battery pack don’t under the overcharge preventing of BMS while charging.

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