Four "How to" about electric skateboard

Four "How to" about electric skateboard

Back in the old times, non-electric skateboards where popular where you needed to push with one foot to get yourself moving around. Like everything else, skateboards designs have evolved to provide you more ease and comfort while you still enjoy the thrill of riding a skateboard. Today, electric skateboards and longboards are on demand for adults and children.

Electric longboards are available in in two types: belt motor electric longboards and hub motor electric longboards. When buying an electric skateboard, many people are confused about which of the two types are best for them.

Leaping back in time, belt motor skateboards where in demand; however, their drawback is their noise and less flexible movement. Today, the new generation is calling for the trendier hub motor skateboards introduced in 2015, due to their improved capabilities such as lower noise and more freely movement when used as unpowered boards. However, both types are still available in the market and have their own special features.

Check out four how to about electric skateboard before buying one below:


How do electric longboards work?

It is essential to understand how these skateboards work in order to operate one of them in a safe manner. Regardless of their types, the engineering of any electric skateboards is quiet easy to understand when put in simple terms.

If you look inside a belt motor electric skateboard, you will find that the wheels are powered by a single mounted motor connected using a toothed belt. In hub motor electric boards, the wheels are powered by hub motors which have brushless motors attached to wheel. In both types, the motors are connected to lithium batteries which supply the current required for the motors to move the wheel.

Belt motor and hub motor electric boards come in the market with great options. Boostedand Evolve, Yuneec are great for top-rated belt motor skateboards. For hub motorskateboards, you can go for Inboard, Atomboard andHarvoo board.

You can remotely control the speed of your board using a throttle in your hand, or weight-sensor controls embedded in the board. You can also steer and control your direction by tilting the board from one side to another. Most of these boards incorporate breaking and reversing functions which you can use through the throttle.

One of the limitations of these remote skateboards is their number of batteries. Therefore, designers started to bring them in longboards so they can fit more batteries into them. Some skateboards come with more batteries to make them more powerful, which increases their range and size, while others come in sleek designs, often compromising the size of the battery in that way.


How fast can an electric longboard go?

Although skateboards were initially introduced as a method of transportation, they are now offered in wide range to serve thrill-seekers who are compelled by speed. Therefore, how fast one of these boards can go is an important criteria for many people to consider when buying a powered longboard.

Obviously, these skateboards vary in their speeds depending on several factors such as their power, weight of the rider or terrain. A typical electric longboard can go as fast as 16 to 25 miles per hour (25 to 40 kilometers per hour).

Hub Motor ElectricLongboards
One of the top-rated hub motor electric longboards, Inboard M1 has a maximum top speed of 22 mph. Atomboard comes with a lower top speed of 21.8 mph; however it is light, easy to carry. Harvoo hub motored longboard is also a good option with a top speed that can go up to 21.8 mph, and 
Belt Motor Electric Longboards
For electric longboards with belt drive, Boosted is a top-ranked brand that is powerful and light at the same time, with top speed that goes up to 22 mph. Evolve’s electric longboards come with a similar top speed as well. Another good option is liftboard which comes with a powerful battery but it has a lower top speed of 18.6 mph.

top speed of different electric skateboard

How much does an electric longboard cost?

There is no definitive answer as the range is fairly huge. You can get an electric longboard for as little as $450 while other boards can go up to $1500. The price will range based on several factors such as the power of the motor, battery and brand.

Comparing the top hub motor longboards we have examined so far, Atomboard is the most cost effective available on Amazon for a price of $499.Action’s is also available on Amazon for $799, while Harvoo’s is not available on Amazon but you can get it through their original website for $799.99.

On the other hand, Lift is the lowest in price among belt motor longboards, available on Amazon for $248. Evolve’s Bamboo One is only available through their website for $999, and you can get Boosted on Amazon for $1499.

More price details please click here.

How to ride an electric longboard?

If this is your first time riding an electric skateboard, then you need to consider the basics first. You surely want to ride this with the highest safety and zero crashing.

The first thing you need to do is to wear your protection set such as your helmet and knee/elbow bads. Make sure that you are also wearing proper footwear that makes you comfortable. Remember that your safety comes above all the thrill and excitement you are up to.

Before operating the board, make sure you are standing in a comfortable position and maintain a balanced posture. You need to be fully in control. Familiarize yourself with the wireless remote in your hand to understand how to navigate.

Now you can gently push the power button and go in a straight line. Don’t speed up and apply breaks when needed. Only when you are comfortable, you can start sliding yourself to the sides.

how to ride electric skateboard

The biggest difference you will see as a beginner is the stopping and starting. Unlike traditional skateboards, with electric ones you don’t have to push with your leg to stop or move; you can do it with the wireless remote control. 
You don’t want to operate it to the maximum speed until you are fully comfortable with your new electric skateboard. It is a good idea to start with an empty street for your first practice. If you are a seasoned individual, then you can start by adding more speed to enjoy the ride.

Now you are ready to ride your electric longboard. Enjoy the ride and have a safe one!

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