Harvoo Longboard VS Inboard VS Evolve board VS Boostedboard

Many people are hesitant about which electric longboard to buy .If you have prepared $1000 to buy a remote motorized longboard , let's make a comparison among Harvoo electric longboard ,Inboard M1,Eveolveskateboad Bamboo GT ONE and Boostedboards 2 Gen Dual .Please check out the chart below to find more details.

                                      Harvoo Longbaord     Inboard M1          Evolve GT ONE      Boosted Dual

Harvoo longboard VS Inboard VS Evolve board VS Boostedboard

Data from related links:

  • https://harvoo.com/collections/remote-skateboard/products/electric-longboard
  • https://www.inboardtechnology.com/products/m1-electric-skateboard
  • https://shop.boostedboards.com/products/board?track=285-deals-home
  • https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/products/bamboo-one


Actually you can buy a high quality and awesome Harvoo Electric Longboard if you have about $800 budget,not need $1000 or more.



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