Quick Safety Checks Before Riding Your Electric Longboard


The essence of having an electric longboard is not just to meet your intrinsic needs; it is designed to consistently give you optimum satisfaction. As we know, nothing functions in a vacuum. There are tips or rules to follow in order to get top line value. In this light, we will be listing the things you must do every time you want to go for a ride.

1.Inspect all screws

Based on the unique mechanism that drives the longboard, it is pertinent to inspect all screws before each use. Your goal is to make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. Also, you can tighten the trucks in line with meeting your unique needs. The ease of carrying out this check makes it something you can do within a minute or two. Besides, you do not have to be technical to get the job done; just go with this guide and you will be fine.

                           check screw       check wheels screws

                                                                                             Check all screws


The dual motor electric longboard has been courting interest from experts, newbies and everyone in-between. This is not surprising because it has a very high performance capacity that delivers with precision. However, in order to get the best out of this product, you must clean the bears, motor and trucks before each use.

                              Clear motors Clean the wheels

                                                                                    Clean motors.bears,wheels.

3.Have a quick look at the wire

Anyone that is familiar with the dynamics that drives the electric skateboard will know that this is a salient point. You can check the components wire in order to ascertain if it is worn out. This smart investment of your time does not only guarantee the durability of your skateboard, it also guarantees your safety.

                                  check wire

                                                                                            Check the wire

4.Check the battery

You must have a look at the battery pack before you step on your electric longboard. The most important thing to check out is the protective seal of the battery. You must ensure that it is intact and has not suffered any damage.

                                            check the battery pack if sealed good

                                                                      Check the battery pack if sealed good

5.Know Your Routing

For every savvy rider, this is a given. It will help amplify the tough road and beauty of your experience at every turn.

6.The Brakes

You must ensure that the brakes at performing efficiently before you go for a ride.

We know that we have mentioned 6 points but as a way of helping you get the best out of your electric longboard, we will add a seventh point…

7.The Weather

After you have carried out all your checks, there is another level of precaution that can help you to enjoy your electric skateboard for long seasons. It is not ideal to go for a ride under the rain as it may ultimately affect the optimum functioning of the product. In essence, before you go for a ride – Check the weather!

The dual motor electric longboard is built with some of the finest components that you can find in the world. Following the tips that have been shared in this piece will keep you literally smiling through the storm. Also, the product will serve you for long and you will have the best experience each time you go for a ride.


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