The World's Most Powerful Hub Motor Electric Longboard

There is something that followers of some of the world’s best products call the WOW factor.

This is the ability of a product to blend power, quality, affordability, contemporary designs and access to upgrades all in one unique swoop.

The electric longboard by itself has proven to be one of the most robust inventions of the century.

It does not just convey the benefits of a unique green moving object; it has been able to define the lifestyle of most individuals in the 21st century.

Based on the value that it gives, we take things a step further by providing something that cannot be found anywhere in the world except with our brand.

We will quickly highlight the features of the most powerful electric longboard in the world.

It has been able to start conversations across various social media platform. Some have argued that this is beyond what you get with a conventional skateboard; they are calling this the Ultimate invention in the world of technology.

As much as we will love to celebrate the essence of this product, we will like to drill down to the facts and not just build on hype.

More and more individuals are sending amazing feedback about what they have enjoyed with the use of this product. You can be part of those who are connecting with the best brand that gives what you may not find elsewhere.

The 39 Inch Harvoo Hub Motor longboard is leading the league based on its dynamic features.

In the next few lines, we will list some of the things that make it tick. Before we do that we will like to build on a foundation; the true test of a product is based on its ability to satisfy users across various climes with ease.

Our product has stood the test of time and has not just got many positive mentions but has been placed as the model for other manufacturers to follow.

This is why we believe that our brand is the symbol of elegance, power and top line quality.

Here are the components of this electric longboard with hub motor:

39’’ Harvoo electric longboard

Maxi loading - 120kg/264lbs

Deck Size – 39’’89.3’’

Connection Method – Bluetooth

Wheel Size – 83MM*52MM/85%rebound

Climbing Grade – 20% Grade hill

Weight – 6.8kg/15lbs

Range – 20km/12.5mile

Battery Cells – Panasonic lithium-ion battery

Maxi Speed – 35km/h – 21.8mph

Battery – 36V/5.8Ah

Motor watt – 1200 Watts

Motor Model – Hub motor

No matter the metric with which you use to analyze the top 5 electric longboard, they do not come close to this product.

It is essentially in its own league because its price and the qualities that it possesses are unparalleled.

It must be reiterated that a thorough analysis of the current products in the market was carried out before we came to this conclusion.

The sense of responsibility that drives the company behind this product means that you are signing up for an excellent package with each purchase that you make.

When you look at every other item that has tried to win your interest; they are nothing compared to this item that has been presented to you.

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