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The evolution of the electric skateboard gained traction in the last decade. Prior to this time, the non-electric skateboard was the conventional delight of most thrill seekers. The demand, the market dynamics, the technology and the features of the skateboard continued to evolve.

It is pertinent to mention that there are two basic models namely: the belt motor electric skateboard and the hub motor electric longboard. Each of these two popular designs has their merits and demerits; we will now delve deeper into certain facts that will interest you.

The rise of the Electric skateboard

The popularity of the electric skateboard can be tied to many factors. One of them is the cultural acceptance, the number of thrill seekers that use it, the various benefits it gives to the users and the contemporary features that make it sublime. Basically, some electric longboards are powered by the belt motor board component.

The popular designs such as the boosted board model and the uniquely evolved electric skateboard design fall under the belt motor genre. The speed, ease of use and maneuverability made it to hit the right chord in the hearts of savvy users.

However, the current trends in the market are showing more favorable disposition towards the new generation hub motor electric longboard,such as the leader of hub motor electric longboard - Harvoo longboard.

The basics you must know about the new generation hub motor electric longboard

This new introduction allows for greater flexibility and they come with more unique features. There is an ongoing debate that there is a slight difference between belt electric longboards and hub motor electric skateboard.

For the basis of this presentation, we will simply state that the most important factor is to get a good accessory that can meet your needs.

What makes the hub motor electric longboard unique?

It is evident that the hub motor design does not make so much noise when it is in operation and it has greater flexibility in use. Unlike the belt motor model, the hub motor come in uniquely designed lightweight models.

They are able to allow you ride at top speed while enjoying greater balance. Also, when you look at the upgrades in the trucks and wheels; it is obvious that this model is leagues above the conventional belt motor design.

Another major reason why hub motor electric longboards are better is that they cater for a wide range of users. It is perfect for sport, riding as a skateboard, performing tricks, used for recreational purposes or in an art form.

Beyond this, it can serve the interest of those who use it professionally as part of their job requirements and it can also be used for transport.

In retrospect, the electric longboard has been able to gain more traction in the last decade than it has in the past 30 years. A predominant reason for this development is that the hub motor electric longboard is simply delivering with precision in every range.

Riders can explore its robust features in line with their unique needs.

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