Features: 39 Inch Harvoo Hub Motor Board (Both Orange and Green)

What's the difference from other Chinese boards?

  • The 39 inch Harvoo Board come with two 600 Watts motors and 208 Watts battery pack .


  • This powerful engines will generate a strong motivation and longer range ,especially on its climbing .


  • This board has the highest motor and battery power among all of Chinese electric skateboards (under $500)


  • Top Speed and Range:22 mph and cover 13.8 miles range
  • Hub Motor: 24 stators with 4Nm,each motor generates 600Watts power and 800Watts at peak
  • Board Battery: 20 Panasonic Lithium cells (36V 5.8AH)
  • 39" Longboard Deck:  This board deck looks pretty cool , and the small kicktail makes kick-turning a breeze!  
  • Magnesium Alloy Trucks: These trucks are lighter and stronger.
  • 83mm ABEC-9 Rebound (78A) Wheels: 80% rebound absorb the shock well, and you’ll ride on it comfortably.
  • Plastic Battery and ESC Cover: To reduce board weight, we developed a PPT20 plastic material cover, which combines the toughness and strength perfectly.Besides, there is also the cooling slot designing to cool the heat that generated by the controller. So just enjoying your cruising any time.
  • FOC Controller (From leading UAV technology): Customized from the world's leading UAV technology, which makes it enough safe and have outstanding performance on accelerating and braking.
  • 2.4G Wireless Remote:  Board controlled via 2.4G tech, which makes for more safe.